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Hour Glass Duration: 40 minutes each way

Calendar Availability: Every day

Plan Your Island Escape to Bimini Bahamas

Bimini is a tiny land of simple pleasures. Ernest Hemingway lived on the small island chain in the Bahamas from 1935 to 1937. “Swim, eat, drink, work, read, talk, read, fish, fish, swim, drink, sleep.” That’s Bimini, summed up by a character in Hemingway’s novel Islands in the Stream. We fly you there so you can see the wonder of Bimini for yourself.

Once you have enjoyed the beautiful tropical and pristine ocean views from your seaplane flight and land in Bimini, you can take a relaxing walk along a quiet stretch of white-sand beach with spectacular ocean views. There’s plenty to explore, and you can also enjoy the island’s casino, hotels, and beachfront restaurants. Plus, we are happy to plan your escape (flight and accommodations) to this idyllic place for a truly amazing, memorable experience!


This is an international flight and a passport is required.